My latest art quilt…..An Ode to Australian Flora

The latest art quilt, “An Ode to Oz Flora”, is a visual poem expressing and reflecting on my love of Australian native flowers.  It is designed as an ‘inspiration board’ and is a compilation of a number of designs that I have developed from photos taken and drawings created over the years while living in Australia.  While I am enjoying very much the flora of New Zealand this art quilt shows me that I am still deeply connected to Australian flora. 

The floral images are stylised and portray the uniqueness and delicacy of the Australian natives.   The art quilt is a combination of raw edge applique, free motion embroidery and quilting. The background is made up of commercially purchased fabric and hand treated fabrics by Mallee Textiles(NZ).  I have used three of the gorgeous hand treated fabrics that I chose as my prize with the Merit Award for my Peace Lily mini quilt last year.  They were so delightful to work with.  The dusty pink/bronze background fabric is one of those from Mallee Fabrics and it shows off the black kangaroo paws and white flannel flowers beautifully.

The process of making this quilt was interesting in that I needed to work on two blank “canvas'” at the same time. Perhaps it was the result of six weeks of school holidays crowding out time for creativity and therefor given the chance it literally spilled out onto two canvas’.  The second art quilt is very different – it is based on the mandala structure and it uses many of the same floral designs from the first art quilt but in a different way.   I am constantly amazed at how the same design can be pushed in new and different directions.

 The second quilt (draped over the ironing in this image) is waiting to be free motion quilted and having a little more free motion embroidery embellishment added.   This image speaks more of the way native Australian flowers are small and delicate.


  1. It is definitely a inspiration. The colours look very Australian.

    • Thank you Julie, and for your comment on the colours being Australian. I had to work hard at not putting too much green in!

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