‘Orange’, the Aotearoa Quilters colour challenge…..

Orange is the colour  for the 2017 Aotearoa Quilters colour challenge…..their colour choice is indeed a challenge for me because in the past it is not a colour that I have found easy to work with.  We all have our own colour pallette that we feel comfortable working with – I am naturally drawn to blues, greens, pinks and purples.   However because I like a challenge I find myself actually looking forward to creating an image and using orange as the predominant colour.

Although I am not automatically drawn to the colour orange and have to consciously make a decision to use it, at times I have recognised that my work needs a little orange to make the other colours sing.  As a young textile artist fresh from Art School I was given some very simple but effective advise about how to make colours sing – the current terminology is about making an image ‘pop’.  These are the colours opposite each other on the colour wheel – a little orange will make blue sing, the difficulty can be in knowing how much of the complementary colour to use.

Colours evoke different emotions for each of us and I have always felt orange to be a frivolous colour with not much depth.  As I am reflecting on my past difficulty with using orange I wonder if it was influenced by the gaudy use of it in the 70’s?!  Here is a quote from ColourMatters (www,colourmatters.com) on the colour orange : “is vibrant, its hot, healthy,fruity and engaging – but it can be abrasive and crass.  Its a polarising colour – people either love it or detest it.”

However in the last few years I have been looking more closely at the subtleties of orange and find I am enjoying the range; from terracottas, to persimmon, to pumpkin, to mango, to salmon and melon.  Today I went through some of my photographs and am pleasantly surprised at the amount of images that have the colour orange in them…..!! Obviously I am not able to include them all – I have transferred 104 photos from my camera alone today!  I am wondering how I will chose what subject matter for the challenge……

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