Reflections, 2017…. a year of challenges

Reflections and looking forward to 2018…..After all it is that time of year for reflection and forward looking….In writing this blog I realise how much the word ‘challenge’ has figured in my year.The last few weeks have seen us exploring some of the wonderful scenery of the Bay of Plenty and Tongariro National Park.  Not only has it given me reflecting time but also lots of inspiration.In sorting through and filing my photographs I see many landscape images that inspire me so I suspect there will be landscape artworks emerging.  Maybe it is lining up with the fact that I am teaching a ‘Linear Landscapes’ thread painting workshop at the ANZEG National conference in July this year.‘Reflections’ – before I get too far ahead  into 2018 I need to reflect on 2017…….it was a big year creatively, beginning the year with a continuation of work towards a solo exhibition in September at Timeless Textiles, Newcastle, Australia. A solo exhibition in itself is a huge commitment of time and energy, but it is also a wonderful time of immersing oneself in the theme. I also find that the more I create, the more inspiration and ideas I get; in Maya Angelou’s words “You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”

But alongside working towards the exhibition were other projects and challenges.  In January my Art quilt “Peace by Piece” was included in the Blessington Quilt “Secret Dreams” challenge and was exhibited in Brisbane.  Then in February “An Ode to Oz Flora” was accepted as a finalist in the AQC Flora and Fauna travelling exhibition, which then toured in both Australia and NZ.

Next on the agenda was working towards the “Stitched Up” invitational exhibition. This wonderful exhibition stretched me way outside my comfort zone and saw me working in a very different way; using words, figures and clothing as motifs in the artworks.  

The resulting two artworks were titled “Layers, Labels and Paper Dolls 1 & 2.  No 1 which had the sub-title ‘The Story’ went on to be exhibited at the 2017 NZ Quilting Symposium in Christchurch.

No 2 subtitled ‘The Confusion’ was accepted along with ‘Dancing Kangaroo Paws’ into  the 2017 Art Quilts Australia exhibition held at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launcestion.

Smaller challenges were completed in and around the bigger challenges and exhibitions – I also entered small quilts into the Aotearoa Quilters ‘Fragile’ and ‘Orange’ challenges and an embroidery in to ANZEG’s ‘Outrageous Orange’ challenge.  The orange challenges also took me outside my comfort zone; it is not a colour that I have previously chosen to use as a dominant colour but what a great opportunity to explore and achieve a level of comfort with this wonderful colour. 

Phew…no wonder I felt exhausted at the end of the year and needed some time out!   I’m also thinking that I need end the  “reflections’ for 2017 and the looking forward to 2018 will be the next blog… till then.



  1. Sandra Bainton says:

    That was a big year and an impressive body of work.
    Looking forward to the landscapes.

Thank you for your Comment