About Lois Parish-Evans

To see, to interpret the ‘extraordinary’ in the ordinary

Lois Parish EvansWhat we ‘see’ as we wander through life is highly personal and is informed by our life experiences. My childhood memories in remote PNG are of creativity in the everyday – there were no Art Galleries to view fine art- instead there were beautifully ‘woven’ walls, bilums (string bags), grass skirts, carvings, drums, and body art of feathers and paint. My childhood memories also include learning to hand sew under my mothers tuition as she taught the local women to sew. Sewing and art became my passions in adolescence and merged together as textile art in tertiary studies at the University of Newcastle, Australia.  Many years later I am still passionate about textiles and creativity.

My artwork is an interpretation of what I ‘see’ in the natural world around me. It is often about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. The colours, shapes, lines, textures and patterns are translated into a drawing – often highly stylized – and this becomes the basis for a thread painting or an art quilt. Central to my image making is the sewing machine and my ability to ‘draw’ or ‘paint’ using thread and fabric. More recently I have begun to hand colour my quilt designs using Inktense pencils and a colourfast medium. These Thread Paintings and Art Quilts are free machined , meaning they are hand manipulated, not digitally produced on a computerised machine.

The whisper scarves are created on a dissolvable fabric and are also free machined, they contain motifs that are either fabric or hand made felt and stitched with good quality threads and decorative yarns.