Stitch by stitch – Autumn leaves

The process of building colour – stitch by stitch.

Autumn leaves….

Part of the creative process for me that is really important is having the time to go out in nature and explore, giving myself time to really see what is around me.  If I find an environment that inspires I can spend ages taking photos and wandering, immersing myself in the possibilities, seeing designs, colours, lines, patterns….. For example this autumn leaf excites my ‘colour’ taste buds.  The shape of the leaf is interesting also and I can visualise using it in many different ways.  Often I like to use a shape and see how many ways I can ‘recreate’ it, creating a different story each time.  Using different mediums changes the story also.   IMG_0262

Musing on ArtExpress and Rainbow cake!

Perhaps some of you have seen the current ArtExpress travelling exhibition where they showcase the best of the previous years HSC artworks?  In the last couple of weeks I have taken two Art & Dementia groups through and we have really enjoyed having a conversation around a selected few of the exhibits.  Two in particular have stood out for both groups – both are about journeys.  One is a collection of 8 paintings that depict the journey of an assylum seeker and it is powerful.  Both groups have spent quite a long time with this exhibit, discussing the artwork and the response that they have to it.

The second one is about a journey to India by the artist. In the three artworks the artist has portrayed, through drawing, images of four children in orphanages.  Looking at the joyful and happy faces of the children you would not know that they are in an orphanage.  Behind the portrait drawings is a cut-out of the artists journey to India – beautifully done.

What stands out in my conversations with these groups is the journeys that they have all had, and the stories that are prompted and shared as we view an exhibition.

Part of this work is baking a cake for morning tea and the participants are always encouraging and appreciative – last week the group suggested I go into business baking cakes!  As I don’t have an image of ArtExpress I thought I’d share an image of my sons birthday cake this year – he asked for a Rainbow cake.  This was it….. gorgeous colours!    photo (1)


Lacy Sea Dragon

Sometimes I like to combine one or more  techniques together and this is what I have done with this image.  Combined the thread painting technique with the lace making technique to get a less dense art work.  It has quite a different feel to my normal thread paintings.  LaceySeaDragon

Emerging Artist-Craft Award

Craft NSW is a Gallery shop in George St (No 104) at The Rocks where a number of professional artist/craftspeople exhibit and sell their creative work. They have a constantly changing exhibition program as well as being stocked with what members normally create.  I have been a member for about six years, I go down to the Rocks once a month to work in the shop and always find it incredibly inspiring to be amongst such creative work. This year they are holding an Emerging  Artist – Craft Award and I encourage emerging Artist/Craftspeople to enter.  If you aren’t an emerging artist/craftsperson  you may want to visit the website and check out Crafts\NSW!Latest Flyer

Orchid blooms

slipper orchidWhen the buds of the Slipper Orchid appear there is a sense of anticipation for the months of blossoms from my various orchid plants.  They seem to take it in turns to flower and there is a gradual progression from the end of Autumn to Spring.  Today I noticed the first of the Cymbidium spikes.

My orchids flower once a year and I adore their exotic beauty.  Every year I do   battle with the insect world as I inspect the developing flowers in the hope that I can deal with the insects who think it is their right to eat these obviously delicious blossoms!  I don’t always win…..

In the past I have created several art works  from photos of orchid flowers but once again I have been inspired…… as they say…..’watch this space!’

Art & Dementia

Art & DementiaIf you have looked through my website you will notice that I have qualifications in Art Therapy.  Recently I have undertaken a part time position at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery as the Facilitator for their Art & Dementia program.

This is a very exciting initiative by MRAG to give people affected by memory loss the opportunity to spend a morning at the art gallery with one of the current exhibitions.  We have morning tea and I facilitate a conversation around the exhibition we are viewing.  The conversation may be about the art work or memories associated with something they see in the artwork or may be about the cake that I have cooked for morning tea!!  Or the gorgeous tea cups we serve tea/coffee in!

“Leafy” the Sea Dragon

LeafyWork has begun on painting “Leafy” the Sea Dragon.

Misty Inspirations

Recently we went camping,  – it was WET but beautiful also.   Our campsite was covered in tiny green green foliage.Greenfoliage detail It felt a little like we were walking on  a minature lilly pond. The first bushwalk – leeches(Kids loved that!!) and all – was very misty and we felt in a world removed.MistyTreesMistyMountainTop For someone – me – who loves living on the coast and most things blue and purple – it was so refreshing and inspiring to fill my creative soul with green !TallTrees I wonder what will emerge in my creative work?

New scarves

GreenMulticolourScarfI’ve been working on a couple of new scarves as well.  This one has hand made felt motifs and a multicoloured yarn make this a colourful scarf to lighten a Autumn day.