New scarves

GreenMulticolourScarfI’ve been working on a couple of new scarves as well.  This one has hand made felt motifs and a multicoloured yarn make this a colourful scarf to lighten a Autumn day.

Meet my helper!

SandyThis is our family pet – meet Sandy, a beautiful strawberry blonde cutie.  However she loves fabric, quilts and getting under the sheets and doona while I make the bed.  Here she is insisting on making herself comfortable on the quilt I am trying to sew!  She also tried to get under it.  I have to admit to feeling a little nervous that I might inadvertantly sew her tail to the quilt!

Currently I am working on a quilt with a Leafy Sea Dragon.  Three solid days of quilting later and I  am ready to hand colour it.


Something other than a seahorse!

Parish-Evans, In Full BloomUnfortunately computor hassles such as a dying modem has kept me from updating my blog in the last week.

Just thought I’d share an image that I have been working on … a little test quilt which may grow into a larger quilt.  For those of you who know me you will know that flowers are also a passion of mine.  They provide me with an endless source of wonderful shapes, textures, lines and colour.  The Zantedeschia flower or the Calla Lily has inspired me over the years, as I sought to explore its  sculptural qualities.  It is titled “In Full Bloom”.

The beauty of seahorses

Here are a couple of photos that help to explain my creative interest in seahorses.IMG_1513

As a family we visited a seahorse farm in northern Tasmania and took a tour around the breeding program.  During the tour we were able to hold a seahorse – out of the water!

In the entrance were aquariums with different coloured ropes and the seahorses had changed colour to fit in with the environment.  Cameleons of the sea?!  I was also struck with their sense of floating and drifting and the calmness of their existence.

seahorse farm

First ‘stitches’….

LParish-EvansdetailWell, here I am finally entering the technological age!  For all of you who have suggested to me over the last few years that a website would be a good idea … it is.  Thank you to Brenda who has done a wonderful job of creating a loisparishevans website.

This year has begun really well  – not only have I finally a website but one of my hand coloured art quilts was selected for the Living Colour! travelling Exhibition.  I just wish I could travel with it!! What an interesting year it will have.

Here’s a sneak previewimage001(3) and please go to the website and check out all the stunning entries and the exhibition program.  This art quilt is called ‘Masters of Camouflage’; seahorses really are masters of camouflage, they change colour to suit the environment.  In that way they are really a living colour!  It is free machine quilted then hand coloured.  I started with the shapes of the seahorses and the rest of the images evolved.  I love the process of both free machining and hand colouring a quilt.