It has been a while since last writing a blog post…..the inspiration for writing has been non-existent!  After the intensity of working towards the “Stitched Up” exhibition I found it difficult to have anything else to say!

While creating for the Stitched Up exhibition I was also steadily working towards my solo exhibition “Natures Exuberance”.  However as soon as the Stitched Up pieces were posted I needed to dig deep and ramp up my energy again for the final focus on my exhibition.   Sometimes when I feel a little creatively dry I look through my photographs and it isn’t long before I find my creativity  sparking again.  So, recently as I was looking through my photographs,  I was struck by what I saw as the connection between these two images.  There was no conscious connection as I was creating the lace(which is not created recently) but I have been pondering the idea of what we observe consciously and how details of that inspiration may come out unconsciously at a later date.  A conscious decision was made to take the photograph of the sliced red onion because it appealed to me,  but I also stored it in my creative/inspirational memory bank.  I am reminded of the movie “Inside Out” and the beautifully crafted and creative visualisation, in movie/story form, of the different memory banks in our minds and how we access them.

I love taking photographs, just for photography’s sake but also as a record for inspiration.  However I also love the idea that if we open our eyes to observing the world around us then what appeals to us in that environment can also be stored and accessed both consciously and unconsciously at a later date.

I finish with a photo taken in  one of my neighbours gardens – just love the spiral and am looking forward to one day finding it coming out in an artwork!!

The latest news from my studio……..

It may appear that I have been absent from the studio for a period of time….and although I have been busy with end of year activities and managing family activities etc, I have managed to spend a little time in my studio….just not enough time.  However, after 12 months off from creating lace due to RSI, I made my first contemporary lace scarf !  Wow…..the beginning and the end of creating the lace are the most enjoyable with the middle just chipping away at getting to the finish line!

20151202_143644 (600 x 450)

You will know by now that I love to sew… however drawing is also high on my list of favourite activities.  The following image is a sample of my latest cards, I have been enjoying playing with pen drawings……20151202_164835 (600 x 450)

Its always good to have a few projects on the go…. once again playing with kangaroo paw flowers… this image is gradually becoming a sizeable art quilt…..I will keep you posted on the outcome….

FullSizeRender (56) FullSizeRender (58)

Handmade contemporary bridal lace

Yesterdays post foundphoto (48) me reminiscing about the first major contemporary lace piece I created, the lace is part of a bridal garment created for an exhibition, many years ago now! (Also last Sunday we helped celebrate a friends parents 50th wedding anniversary and she was sharing how 50 years ago your wedding dress was made by a friend or borrowed from a relative etc.)   What I was considering as I created this piece of wearable art was the de-personalisation of the wedding dress – how the industry that now surrounds ‘the wedding day’ means we lose much of the personal connections that may once have been, i.e the wedding dress made by a friend, the wedding cake made by a mother or relative, etc.

Over the years I have been commissioned to make a number of wedding dresses for friends and others and in the process have accumulated scraps of varied bridal fabrics.  The fabric in the  bodice of this exhibiton wedding dress is made completely from those scraps, I spent hours cutting them up into tiny pieces, sandwiching them between two sheets of dissolvable fabric and stitching. Over the dress is a cape made up of individual panels, with a whisper lace hood.  The panels consist of fabrics joined and with ruching around the central thread painting image.  The thread painting images of brides are completely free machine stitched using shades and tones of white through to black.

photo (51)photo (52)photo (49)photo (50)

Inspirations.. another Coelogyne with fragrance

The last of my orchids are finally flowering and it’s always a stunning display with many sprays of flowers.  I have just discovered its name – Coelogyne Flaccida, and it has a strong fragrance and its flowers are fine and pretty.  It reminds me of bridal lace and/or a bridal veil.

Inspiration is an interesting phenomenon- sometimes it is obvious and I sit down with a photo, paper, pencils and sometimes paint or coloured pencils and draw what I ‘see’.  Other times its only on hindsight that I realise that I have been inspired by something and that inspiration is simmering or germinating in the background.  The Whisper Scarves are mostly inspired by the flowers and leaves I encounter on a daily basis.  Sometimes I walk past a flower or a tree and say to myself that looks just like a particular scarf that I am working on or have created.  Here is an example of a scarf recently created that reminds me of the latest orchids to flower.

photo (45)photo (47)

New scarves

GreenMulticolourScarfI’ve been working on a couple of new scarves as well.  This one has hand made felt motifs and a multicoloured yarn make this a colourful scarf to lighten a Autumn day.